Why Vacation Clubs

Today, a number of the world’s largest hospitality brands provide flexible timeshare options in luxurious resort settings that fit a variety of vacationing preferences. With a range of ownership options, timeshare vacations offer travelers the chance to return to their favorite resort and suite each year, or discover new places. A world a vacation possibilities is yours for the taking.

The Evolution of Timeshare

Timeshare has significantly evolved from years past, despite some commonly held beliefs – that timeshare means visiting the same beach resort, the same week every year, and staying in the exact same room. Wyndham Destinations evolved from that type of vacation years ago and continues to evolve, offering a flexible, points-based system that allows for adventure and exploration across continents. Wyndham Destinations owners aren’t buying fixed weeks in one location, but rather points that allow them to travel the world.

Why Travel With a Vacation Club?
  • It is a prepayment of future vacations: Timeshare owners love vacationing and invest in their travel. With timeshare, owners can visit the same resort while also having the flexibility to vacation somewhere new. If you value vacations as a way to create memories with your family, then owning a timeshare will bring you a lifetime of value ─ and save money in the long run.

  • It is a flexible product: While timeshare previously consisted of a traditional fixed week with a specific suite and time each year, it’s now a flexible points-based product. Depending on your product type, you can use your points to book vacations at different resorts and locations. You choose when and where you vacation, with beautiful accommodations no matter where you travel.

  • It gives you more space: Timeshare is unlike traditional vacation stays ─ suites and amenities can accommodate the whole family while offering plenty of privacy. You’ll enjoy more room to relax, and more space to spread out in multi-bedroom suites that come equipped with all of the comforts of home like a fully-equipped kitchen, in-suite washer/dryer and more.

  • It opens a world of travel: There are thousands of timeshare resorts located in hundreds of countries around the world. Through timeshare exchange programs, discovering new and exciting destinations with the same resort luxury and spaciousness you're accustomed to is simple.
Maximizing Your Ownership
  • USE IT – you have already bought and paid for these vacations each year. Create a new vacation habit!

  • The more points purchased, the more flexibility offered when traveling during high season. Also, more points may mean a larger suite or a more desirable destination or resort.

  • Wyndham Destinations also offers owners the option to redeem Wyndham Rewards® points for things like free hotel stays, gift cards, maintenance fee credits, and more.

  • Book early – use your advance reservation benefit to lock in those vacation destinations that are must-haves.

  • Look out for exclusive owner deals and points offers or specials to maximize your vacation options.

  • If perks and upgrades are important to you, consider buying into VIP benefits.
Want to experience the perks of vacation ownership before purchasing?
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