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Message From Michael D. Brown

Michael D. Brown

Michael D. Brown

President and Chief Executive Officer Wyndham Destinations

As the global market continues to grow and integrate, the hospitality industry has an increasing ability to shape innovation on the world stage. Driving change in how we operate around the world and increasing knowledge among millions of associates, customers, and guests, Wyndham Destinations, is excited to be a leader in the global movement reducing the collective environmental impact of the hospitality industry.

The Wyndham Destinations program is a way of living and working based on our vision and values, enhancing our customers’ lives by improving the environment, supporting our global and local communities and developing sustainable programs that deliver economic benefits. Most importantly, we understand that our business activities do impact the earth and people’s lives. We are committed to conserving our natural resources, preserving our habitats and preventing pollution. With more than 200 vacation ownership resorts and 4,300 affiliated exchange properties locations in 110 countries, we at Wyndham Destinations can leverage our size and do simple things well to make a huge environmental impact.

Under our Wyndham Destinations initiative, our main areas of focus include:

  •  Reducing energy and tracking our consumption
  •  Reducing water usage
  •  Improving air quality
  •  Minimizing our waste
  •  Working with our communities
  •  Educating our associates and driving innovation

The foundation of our program is education, which grounds us in the current environmental realities and inspires us to initiate appropriate action every day. This journey is taking time, and we are making positive progress. I am proud to say that we will continue to build our sustainable practices, and to be a role model for our customers and guests.